Monopoly Go Tips and Tricks 2023

The well-known board game Monopoly has an online counterpart called Monopoly Go!, which immerses players in a dynamic multiplayer virtual environment.

Players can roll dice, progress along the board, gather money, attack other players’ cities, conduct bank heists, and buy properties across their board in this game that blends aspects of Coin Master and Monopoly.

Monopoly go tips and tricks

With Monopoly Go!, players can roll dice, build structures, launch attacks, steal, finish card sets, and more in an immersive board gaming experience. Best practices, techniques, and tips are made specifically for Monopoly Go to improve gameplay.

With the use of these tactics, players can level up quickly, go through the game more easily, and eventually achieve satisfying results. For both novice and expert players, Monopoly Go! is an entertaining and strategic game experience.


Among the most interesting game options in the Monopoly Go board game version is the Classic Mode, which replicates the classic Monopoly experience in a virtual environment. Let’s go over the gameplay in this section of Monopoly Go. We’re going to discuss the Monopoly Go guide and tips and tricks.

The game offers a new and engaging gaming experience designed just for mobile players, in addition to faithfully replicating the traditional board game. Notable components include excellent graphics, engrossing gameplay, and special features that bolster the already thrilling Monopoly gameplay.

Monopoly Go Tips and Tricks (Best Strategies and Guide) 2023

Use Shields Quickly for Safety

In conclusion, shields are objects that stop other people from damaging your area. Thus, for a beginner, getting some protection as soon as possible is essential.

This is due to the fact that your empire starts off rather modest and leaves you with empty areas if all of your constructed places are destroyed. It is advised to gather three shields or more.

Be Smart with Auto-Rolls

Build and Upgrade Landmarks The ability to auto-roll upgrades will come up when you’re playing the board game. This is basically an upgrade that lets you throw your money at the dice more than once. By holding down the “Go” button for a longer amount of time, you can utilize it.

On the other hand, you should occasionally refrain from utilizing auto-roll to avoid the jail option on the board. Thus, before you hit the auto-roll button, figure out each turn.

Enjoy Mini-Games Along the Way

The greatest way to get extra money is through mini-games, yet many people choose to ignore this fact. Because of this, you should never undervalue minigames and try to finish them whenever you get the chance.

Since the games are simple by nature, making money won’t be an issue. The money you earn afterwards is yours to spend however you please.

Know Why Homes Matter

Once you have a small amount of money, you can invest it in a variety of ways. But historically significant places will always be at the center of your investment priorities. This is due to the possibility of losing your plot if a player buys a plot before you do.

They will therefore cost more if you decide to buy them again in the future. Your empire will develop even more if you add more historical locations to it.

Grab Your Daily Gift from the Shop

Every eight hours, you can get a free gift box from the in-game store. There are many different things inside this gift box, including rolls, sticker packs, event tokens, and other thoughtful presents.

Open the shop screen from the main menu, slide the top package slider, and unlock the gift box to find the free gift box within.

Get Free Dice from Daily Links

On its social media accounts, Instagram status updates, Discord channels, and Facebook pages, Monopoly Go frequently posts links to free passes.

You can get free pass rolls in the game by clicking on these pass links. The game occasionally distributes links to obtain event tokens as well. See this page, Monopoly Go Free Link, for additional information on pass links.

Snag Free Promotional Packs

  • The Monopoly Go game features a number of promotional offers that are clearly visible on the left side of the screen.
  • These deals come in many different forms, such as endless offers and endless bargains.
  • These promos, which feature both free and reduced offers, are updated every one to two days.
  • It is suggested that you keep an eye out for free promotional packs and take advantage of them when you find them.

Daily Treats Await: Open the Game!

Through its Daily Treats feature, Monopoly Go offers daily rewards that may be obtained by opening the game each day.

Players that gather awards for all seven days are eligible for grand rewards, with the amount of the rewards increasing up until the seventh day.

Even if they don’t have time to play, gamers can access the game every day to benefit from this function. They can do this to accrue daily awards and possibly win big prizes in the future.

Play with Friends: Invite and Enjoy

You can ask your pals to play with you in the game. You both get free rolls when your friend uses your invitation link to sign up for the game for the first time.

It’s advantageous to play Monopoly Go with friends during different events. You can win more prizes in any program or event when you have trustworthy buddies by your side.

Join Events and Tournaments

In Monopoly Go, taking part in events and tournaments offers great chances to win amazing prizes.

While awards are offered depending on milestone stones and your rank in tournaments, during events you can receive gifts by attaining specific milestone stones and winning.

If you want to get more rewards than you would from normal gameplay, you should reserve your rolls for events and tournaments.

Boost Earnings with Rentals and Homes

In Monopoly Go, carefully positioned properties and houses can greatly increase your earnings.

They have the potential to yield a sizable profit for you each time you fall on them. Your total net worth and rental revenue will rise as you acquire more properties.

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